O'Douds - Shampoo, 355ml

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12 oz / 355 ml
Hair Shampoo

Gently and effectively cleanses and rejuvenates the hair with mild cleansers that are meant to protect your hair, not strip it dry. Leaves the hair strong, rejuvenated, and vibrant. A little goes a long way and a conditioner is not required, though it may benefit your hair type.

- Cleanses and rejuvenates the hair with natural ingredients
- Promote strong and healthy hair growth
- Suitable for sensitive skin and scalp
- Adds luster and shine without damaging and breaking of hair
- Maintains skin and hair moisture

Tea Tree & Grapefruit

Key Ingredients:

Aloe Vera : The shampoo base, Aloe is rich in vitamins and minerals that promote strong and healthy skin and hair.
Pumpkin Seed Oil & Saw Palmetto Extract : Both ingredients contain natural DHT blockers that help to facilitate fuller, denser, and healthier hair growth
Vegetable Glycerin : A lightweight yet highly effective moisturizer that maintains the skin and hairs natural moisture.
Coco Betaine : A mild cleanser sourced from coconut oil that cleans the hair and scalp without damaging, drying or breaking it.

Tips and Tricks:
Product may not foam as much as you are used to - this is not a bad thing! Gentle cleansers foam more gently - we don't add excessive foaming agents that damage the hair and scalp.

Leave in hair for up to 2 minutes to fully cleanse the hair and remove dirt, dead skin, and dandruff

*This is a reformulation of the previous version of the product.

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